NNECF - North Nova Educational Charitable Foundation

The North Nova Educational Charitable Foundation

During construction of North Nova Education Centre and Northumberland Regional High School, local community members and other stakeholders raised funds to finance enhancements to these new schools.      A charitable foundation was created to manage the donations and provide tax receipts to donors. 

Hence, the Pictou County Community Educational Opportunities Foundation was created with the following criteria:

  • To promote, advance and further the education of North Nova Education Centre and Northumberland Regional High School students;
  • To promote and reward excellence in academic achievement and the attainment of worthy social values among students and graduates of North Nova Education Centre and Northumberland Regional High School ;
  • To assist needy students and alumni of North Nova Education Centre and Northumberland Regional High School with the furtherance of their education;
  • To acquire by way of grant, gift, present, bequest, devise or otherwise, real and personal property and to use and apply such property to the realization of the objects of the Foundation;
  • To buy, own, hold, lease, mortgage, sell and convey such real and personal property as may be necessary or desirable in the carrying out of the obects fo the Foundation.

Upon completion of school construction the remaining funds were divided between both schools and the PCCEO was dissolved, creating a new charitable foundation for each school.   The North Nova Educational Charitable Foundation was created in December 2011.

Making a Difference Award

The NNECF 's main purpose is to encourage and support North Nova Education Centre's students with post-secondary studies.  The Educational Foundation established a "Making a Difference" award to recognize the school's motto.  This award is presented annually to a graduating student who makes a positive difference in a quiet but effective way; an unsung hero whose work over the three years they were at NNEC led to good things happening for others.

This award was put in place to recognize the person from with whom the school motto originated.  The motto "Together We Can Make a Difference" was taken from Henderson Paris' Run Against Racism.  For the 20 years Henderson, Carol and their committee conducted the Run Against Racism, they used the slogan "Together We Can Make a Difference".  NNEC took this slogan as their own to honor Henderson and encourage students and staff to follow his example of serving others, taking positive action and making a real difference in the community. 

This award serves as a way for the Foundation to recognize Henderson and all the many unsung heroes from our African Nova Scotian Community.  It is hoped that this will encourage everyone to look for ways to make a difference for someone else and to make NNEC a better place for all.