Welcome to another year for NNEC Music.  Just a few points to start the year off.  


Registration Night - Wednesday, September 20th, 7:00 pm

We will be holding our registration night next Wednesday in the Presentation Centre.  The night will start with a short meeting, introducing the teachers, executive, and looking at what will be coming up this year.  This will be followed by registration in the cafeteria.

You can find the following forms on the school website under Extra-curricular Activities/Music/Handbook&Registration:  registration form, bursary form and band/choir handbook.  To save time on Wednesday, please print and complete the form and bring it with you, along with your payment(s).  All fees are explained on the form.

Just a reminder, our policy is to ensure students are not prevented from participating in NNEC Music due to financial restraints.  If this applies to you, please complete the attached bursary form, in addition to the registration form.  All information is kept confidential.

There are copies of the registration form and bursary form in the music room.


Facebook Page Sign-Up Contest

Our two main means of communications is by e-mail and Facebook.  For quick dissemination of information we default to using Facebook.  Typically we'll send one email update per month.

As such, to encourage as many students, parents and guardians to sign up to the Facebook group, we will be awarding a prize of "Music Fees for 1 Semester ($100 value)" to one person randomly selected from those signed up to the group.  The draw will take place on Friday, September 29th.  The prize will be added to the student's fundraising credit account, and can be used for registration fees, spring trip, next year's fees, or next year's trip.

Our Facebook group is at:

This is a closed group, however, if you go to the link, you can request to join the group.  Anyone already in the group can accept your request.  Also, anyone in the group can request people to join the group.


Rehearsal Schedule

There are some minor changes to rehearsal times to match up with the school's new schedule.  Two major changes are:  Jazz Choir rehearsing Wednesday after school instead of Thursday after school; and the addition of a full Concert Choir Rehearsal at noon on Mondays.

Mondays:  12:00-12:45 PM Concert Choir;  3:20-5:00 PM Jazz Band

Tuesdays:  7:45-8:50 AM Jazz Choir;  3:20-5:00 PM Concert Band

Wednesday:  7:45-8:50 AM Jazz Band; 3:20-5:00 PM Jazz Choir

Thursdays:  7:45-8:50 AM Concert Choir

Fridays: 7:50-8:45 AM Concert Band


Thanks for supporting NNEC Music.  Hope to see you on Wednesday for registration.  If unable to attend, please send in your registration form and payment in a sealed envelope.  We accept cheques, money orders or cash.  If you'd like to pay by debit, you may do so at the school office (please let them know that you are paying for music registration fees).  The office will accept debit payments ONLY!